Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The dirtier the sound, the best I breathe

Just a tiny little update today. Manchester Orchestra's album "Mean Everything to Nothing" was released this past Tuesday. I first became aware of M.O. when they were touring with Brand New in the spring of 2007. I was curious as to what they sounded like, so I listened to a few songs and decided to buy the album. I had no idea that they would become such an important band in my musical library. I've fallen in love with them all over again thanks to this new album. Favorites so far are: "Pride", "I've Got Friends", and "I Can Feel a Hot One" (which was recently featured on an episode of One Tree Hill!).

I strongly recommend that you check these guys out and maybe try to see them live this summer. They're currently on tour throughout the UK and will be touring the US very soon.