Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back To The Life

Over a year of not updating. Whoops! Maybe one of these days I'll have time to do a "This is what happened during that time" post, but for now I think I'll jump right into what's currently going on in my life.

A few months back I started working for KLRU here in Austin managing the volunteers that they use to help run the Austin City Limits TV tapings at ACL Live at The Moody Theater. It's been really fun to get to know a whole different group of folks and add another skill set to my repertoire. The artists we film aren't bad either...we've taped The Civil Wars, Radiohead (!), Alabama Shakes, and The Shins so far. Our next taping is Bon Iver at the end of April.

SXSW this year was a much different experience for me than SXs of the past. Since I wasn't working on anything for myself, I decided to reach out to friends and help out with their parties/street teams! I had a great time helping out at the Fast Company Grill, The Hard Rock Hotel, timeRAZOR, and Under The Radar mag. Our staff party for Austin City Limits was pretty excellent as well. An amazing set from Trampled By Turtles turned into an acoustic performance from the band when a transformer on the block blew out. Their set was followed up by my favorite moment of the day: Ben Kweller pulling the band back up on stage to back him during a collective cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" and a number of Ben's other songs. Both bands were great and took the power outage in stride, moving into the middle of the crowd to be heard better.

A few other bands I got to see during SXSW 2012:

In other news, I'm back on the job hunt. The ACL thing is FANTASTIC, but it's only a part time gig, so I'm currently looking for something full time to fill my time during the day. If anyone out there knows of any Austin based companies looking for someone with live event production and project management experience, send them my way! I've included some links below.

Last.Fm (Just in case someone wants to check out what artists I'm listening to :] )

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bands I've Seen

Apparently there's a limit on the character count for the music section in my profile. Since all of this won't fit on there, I've moved it to a blog post that I'll update every now and then.

Death Cab For Cutie (x4),

Ben Gibbard,

Kasabian (x2),

The Honorary Title (x3),

Broken Social Scene (x3),

Matt Nathanson (x3),

Eve 6,

Blue October (x3),

The Strokes,

Pretty Girls Make Graves,


Moving Units,

The Secret Machines,

Mad Action,

The Colour,


Built To Spill,

Bloc Party (x2),

The Fruit Bats,

Stars (x2),

The Sun,

Shout Out Louds (x2),


Cory Branan (x2),

Snow Patrol (x2),

The Duke Spirit,

Dashboard Confessional,

J versus K,

Iron and Wine (x2),

Damian Marley,

Elvis Perkins,

Nada Surf,

Rocky Votolato,



Matt Costa (x2),

Alien Ant Farm,

Do Make Say Think,

Fountains of Wayne,

Butch Walker,


TV On The Radio,


Puddle of Mudd,

Nine Inch Nails,

Youth Group,

Matt Pond PA,

Ben Lee,

Elton John,

Green Day,

Jimmy Eat World,

The Elected,

Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos,


Jeremy Enigk,

Better Than Ezra,

MC Lars,

International Noise Conspiracy,

The Offspring,

The Rosebuds,


Ben Kweller,

Dinosaur Jr.,

Little Richard,

Kevin Devine (x2),

Manchester Orchestra (x3),

Brand New (x2),

Howling Bells,

The Killers (x3),

John Ralston,

Sunset Rubdown,

David Bazan,

Joss Stone,

Spoon (x2),

Queens Of The Stone Age,


Damien Rice,

Arcade Fire,




Ingrid Michaelson,


Nico Vega,


DJ Mehdi,

Jesse Lacey,

Colbie Calliat,

John Mayer (x2),

Taylor Swift,


Manu Chao,

Vampire Weekend,

Mates of State,

M. Ward,

G. Love and The Special Sauce,

The Swell Season,

Jose gonzalez,


Gnarls Barkley,

The Foo Fighters,


Matt and Kim,

Winston Audio,

Audrye Sessions,


Good Old War,

Pearl Jam,

Ben Harper and The Relentless 7,

Plain White T’s,

The B-52s,

Kings of Leon,

Them Crooked Vultures,

Girl Talk (x2),

Eli Young Band,




Snoop Dogg,

Macy Gray,

Citizen Cope,


VV Brown,

Jakob Dylan and Neko Case,

Shinobi Ninja,

O Brother,

Dan Black,



The Temper Trap (x2),

The Kissaway Trail,


Local Natives (x2),

Mike Posner,

Balmorhea (x2),

Mumford and Sons (x2),



Stevie Wonder,

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros,

Neon Trees (x2),

Chiddy Bang,

Stationary Set,

The Constellations,

Miike Snow,

Minus The Bear (x2),

Tim Kasher & The Globes,


30 Seconds to Mars,

Stone Temple Pilots,


Willie Nelson,

Paper Tongues,

The New Pornographers,

Yo La Tengo,

Sonic Youth,

Belle & Sebastian,

Liz Phair,

Ted Leo,


Mother Falcon (x2),

Lost River/Old River,

Cymbals eat Guitars

Autumnal Sounds

It's finally feeling like fall here in Austin: the tree in the front keeps throwing up leaves all over the yard right after we rake them, I have to use more than one blanket at night, and it gets darker earlier in the day! Going to shows during the fall is always more fun for me. It just feels more...invigorating. Even though its cold outside, everyone is all bundled up to come out and watch a few tunes with a cold brew in hand.

Minus The Bear -Stubb's 10-27-2010

While I was waiting outside to get the little beauty posted below (all access? whuttt?) I heard the opener for MTB, Tim Kasher & The Globes covering one of Cursive's songs. Fortunately, I got my pass quickly and headed inside to hear the rest of the song, followed by another Cursive cover. The covers were REALLY good. Almost spooky good. And then I finally got to the VIP area where I got to get a look at him on stage. And then my brain turned on and I realized that he WAS the guy from Cursive. (Fail on my part, I know). Cursive's The Ugly Organ was my shiiiiiiiit in high school. I liked his set so I bought his solo album, The Game Of Monogamy, when I got home.

Minus The Bear's set was really good too. The crowd was sparse at the beginning of Tim Kasher's set, but as the night wore on, the ground below filled with folks ready to catch Minus The Bear. The last time I saw them (their aftershow at Lollapalooza) I got there late and had to leave early because it was so hot. My fave this time was "My Time". I also noticed that there were a lot more people dancing rather than just moving along to the music. I guess Austin is a dancey city. I'm okay with that.

p.s. Their Drummer is a BEAST.

Stars -La Zona Rosa 11/18/2010 ($4.50 for a Lone Star should be a crime.)

If you were at La Zona Rosa this past Thursday for Stars, I was the tall redhead being an asshole dancing myself towards the front and blocking your view. (Sorry short people, tall folks like to be in the front too.) I'm glad that my friend wanted to get there a little early because the opening band, Geographer, was really good. I even downloaded their album during their set because it surprised me so much.

This lady is 6 months pregnant still lookin cute. And you better believe her ass was up there dancing along like everyone else.

"I'm six months pregnant, and everytime I come to Austin, I get so drunk. And I can't do that this time, so everyone out there, have a drink for me!"


Pictures from an actual camera! (above & below)

Did I mention that Amy did a solo acoustic performance of "Ageless Beauty"?! I die.

"Wasted Daylight"

One of my favorite shots from that night:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Airport Internet

3 hour delay in Houston=first time I've had a chance to sit down and recap the last few weeks. too tired to actually elaborate on most of this, but I'll try to hit the high points.

Seems like I have been a busy bee since the last time I updated. Major events:
-Cocker Spaniels at Cherrywood Coffeehouse
-10/1-3 Matador at 21 in Vegas
-10/8 Miike Snow at the Belmont (Strike Team presents!)
-10/9 BMF Media Music Lounge at Austin City Limits
-10/15-17 De Luna Fest in Pensacola, Florida

+Cocker Spaniels AKA Sean Padilla
Seriously hilarious. And good music to boot! With catchy lyrics and and a killer rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner", Sean puts on a good show.

So a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a friend play a show at a coffeeshop here in Austin. When I say friend, I mean that I have seen this person around town at various shows and became friends with him on facebook (yeah, yeah, i know). The first time I saw him was at Questlove's DJ set at Red 7. This dude was WAY into the show. He was way in the front and I'm pretty sure that he didn't stop moving the entire time that Questo was spinning. The next time I saw him was at Balmorhea/Mother Falcon at Mohawk. I think he was even more intense at this show than at Questlove! The week after the show I had to go to the post office to mail a few things and get my passport paperwork going. While I was there I saw the mystery show-man! He was mailing a bunch of what I thought were demos. After I dropped my mail off, I went outside and saw this crazy painted van driving away with mystery show-man at the wheel! On the back on the van, there was a website painted on the back, so I got in my car jotted down the address and went back to work. Later that night I looked up what was all about. Turns out the dude is a musician himself! Later that night I shared the website with a friend and she found him on facebook. I guess the rest is history.

Insider tip: If you buy this cat's album he will send you home made cookies...from scratch! True Story. He's currently on tour, so check out his website to see if he's making a stop near you.

+Matador at 21
Too. Much. Awesome.

Day 1:
Special little gift in our tote bags

Sonic Youth!


Day 2:

Belle and Sebastian (Singing while sitting on the stage after launching some footballs into the crowd. Dude has a pretty good arm for a skinny from Scotland)

The New Pornographers (with Neko Case AND Dan Bejar!)

Yo La Tengo

I also saw Liz Phair but she was un-blogworthy.

+Miike Snow at the Belmont
Ahhh. Self (meaning MY self, okay I had some help) produced show.

Thax starting off the show:


"Plastic Jungle"

Closing out the show with "Animal"

+BMF Media Music Lounge at ACL (Day 2)

Matt & Kim DJ Set

Matt is so stinkin cute! I'm still disappointed that I didn't get any shots of my friend Erin dancing with Kim when she came out into the crowd. :(

Two Door Cinema Club
and Local Natives also played that night but it was HELLA packed upstairs and I like breathing so I listened from downstairs on the grass.

+De Luna Fest Pensacola, FL.

That's all I'm gonna say.

30 Seconds to Mars
Looks like someone made it into VIP without a badge. Hmm. :)

Ah, Jared Leto. The man was beautiful even from 50 feet away.

Stone Temple Pilots


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Night Soundtrack

So last wednesday I had the pleasure of two of my favorite live acts together on one stage. I'm always nervous about introducing my friends to new artists that I like, fearing that they might not have a good time at a show. Thankfully, Mother Falcon and Balmorhea tore shit up at the Mohawk, and my friends had a great time. Like I said in my previous post, these guys kick a lot of ass.

Lost River/Old River kicked the night off with a few solo songs, and then was joined by a few friends to round out a full band sound. I didn't get to catch much of this set, but what I heard I liked. I will definitely be looking out for upcoming shows.


Mother Falcon! (you have to say it like that, it just sounds more fun) was excellent, yet again. These young, talented, ladies and gents are still figuring themselves out. With 17 members, and even more instruments, things can get a bit confusing on stage when members are switching between instruments and changing stage location. This most recent show, we got a preview of some of the newer stuff that they have been recording over the past few weeks(months?). New stuff=even more ridiculous. Seriously, HOW DO THEY DO IT?


Before Balmorhea could take the stage, one very important thing had to happen: a poem reading by Thax Douglas! If you've been going to shows around Austin in the past year or so, you've probably seen an older gent, with an excellent beard, introducing bands with poems before they play. In the past year, Thax has been at at least five shows that I have been in attendance of.


After a marvelous introduction by the bearded man, Balmorhea picked me up and wrapped me in an epic movie soundtrack. Seriously, when these guys play, I feel like I'm in the middle of the Gladiator soundtrack or something. Okay, maybe not Gladiator, but something with a soundtrack equally as epic. Apparently, someone in Hollywood thought the same thing. The next time I go to the movies, I want these guys sitting in the very front, making the movie come alive for me.

Shows with lineups like this make me very grateful that I have ears that function marginally well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

womp womp womp

So, no Autolux tonight. A friend of mine needed to jet out of town for a few days so I'm taking care of her kid.

Next week, two local Austin bands, Balmorhea and Mother Falcon will be playing a show together at the Mohawk.

I saw Balmorhea a few months back at Emo's. I had never listened to their music before the show, and was pleasantly surprised at what I heard that night. Their music has a way of slowly creeping in under your skin and becoming something so much bigger than what you expected. Their most recent album, Constellations, released in February, can be found on iTunes.

Mother Falcon is pretty new to the scene, but they've been creating a lot of local buzz with their debut EP, Still Life. The band was recently featured in the Austin Chronicle article about their July 17th show with fellow Austin musicians The Octopus Project:

"Under darkening skies the motif to "Her Radiant Limb" emerges. This is the arrangement from the group's Austin Music Awards performance during South by Southwest this year, the mass introduction to Austin and the world beyond that Mother Falcon had practiced for two years."

Honestly, I can't wait to see what else these bands come up with. If you're in town and not doing anything on the 15th, you should definitely check them out at Mohawk on Red River.

Monday, September 6, 2010

andddddddddddd i'm back!

It has been quite a while since I last updated this. I've got quite a few shows marked on my calendar for the next few months, so I've decided that I'm going to start writing about each one.

BUT FIRST, a recap of highlights of the past few months:
So I have this sick job where I get paid to listen to the music I love and connect these artists with various brands for different experiential marketing campaigns.

Bonnaroo 2010: One of our clients wanted to do an activation at Bonnaroo, so we packed an RV and headed east to good ole Tennessee. Besides attending the festival, highlights of the trip include: pushing a walmart shopping cart full of groceries across a highway and getting on an artist bus with one of the bands that we were going to interview later in the day, being in the same room (okay, there weren't any "rooms" at Bonnaroo, but our tent was the size of a large boardroom, and I wanted you to get the idea that I was in the same space as these dudes) with the dudes from Weezer, watching Mumford and Sons in the rain, sneaking into VIP for Jay-Z's set, and singing along to Stevie Wonder with 80,000 other people.

iphone 104

iphone 123

Lollapalooza 2010: The same client was itching to make a stop at Lollapalooza so we packed our bags and hopped on a flight to the windy city. First stop: Perez Hilton's One Night In Chicago party to kick off the festival's, umm...festivities. Guests were treated to performances by J Brazil, Nneka, Lissie, Kid Sister, and B.o.B..

The rest of the weekend was filled with cafe performances by Neon Trees, The Constellations, Chiddy Bang, Andrew Belle, Neon Hitch, and Erin Martin.

My favorite non-festival performances were Minus the Bear, Mumford and Sons, and The Temper Trap.


A really cool dude I met over the weekend managed to get me into VIP for Minus the Bear's show at Double Door in Wicker Park. The venue was SUPER hot inside, but the crowd was really ramped up for the show, so no one seemed to mind.


Probably my favorite memory of Lollapalooza was sneaking backstage to watch Mumford and Sons and The Temper Trap for their sets at Belve Nights at the Hard Rock hotel. Mumford and Sons are basically my favorite band right now. I was really disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to see them back in June because we were going to be on the road to Tennessee, so this definitely made up for not being able to see them at a club show.


The Temper Trap kicked ass as well, I've seen them once before and both shows were great.

8-24-2010: A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching Chromeo and Questlove of The Roots in the same night.


My night started at Stubb's here in Austin where Chromeo made a tour stop with Holy Ghost and Telephoned. Luckily, I got to the venue RIGHT before Chromeo took the stage. These guys have GREAT energy. The electrofunk duo fed off of the crowd's energy and played favorites such as "Needy Girl", "Night By Night", "Bonafied Lovin'", and "Don't Turn The Lights On". Stubb's is not my favorite summer venue in Austin, mostly because the big name shows hosted there are always outside when it its simply too hot to enjoy the show. Come October though...


After catching the end of Chromeo's set, I boogied on over to Red 7 to get a good spot for Questlove's DJ set. The man didn't stop spinning FOR 3 HOURS. He played a lot of old school favorites (think "Pass The Dutchie") and mixed a couple newer tracks (a few Jay-Z snippets here and there). After 2 hours at Chromeo and 2.5 hours at Questlove I had to take my tired, sweaty ass home. Two days later I STILL hadn't regained hearing in my left ear.

Next on my schedule is Autolux at Emo's on the 9th...see you there!