Monday, September 6, 2010

andddddddddddd i'm back!

It has been quite a while since I last updated this. I've got quite a few shows marked on my calendar for the next few months, so I've decided that I'm going to start writing about each one.

BUT FIRST, a recap of highlights of the past few months:
So I have this sick job where I get paid to listen to the music I love and connect these artists with various brands for different experiential marketing campaigns.

Bonnaroo 2010: One of our clients wanted to do an activation at Bonnaroo, so we packed an RV and headed east to good ole Tennessee. Besides attending the festival, highlights of the trip include: pushing a walmart shopping cart full of groceries across a highway and getting on an artist bus with one of the bands that we were going to interview later in the day, being in the same room (okay, there weren't any "rooms" at Bonnaroo, but our tent was the size of a large boardroom, and I wanted you to get the idea that I was in the same space as these dudes) with the dudes from Weezer, watching Mumford and Sons in the rain, sneaking into VIP for Jay-Z's set, and singing along to Stevie Wonder with 80,000 other people.

iphone 104

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Lollapalooza 2010: The same client was itching to make a stop at Lollapalooza so we packed our bags and hopped on a flight to the windy city. First stop: Perez Hilton's One Night In Chicago party to kick off the festival's, umm...festivities. Guests were treated to performances by J Brazil, Nneka, Lissie, Kid Sister, and B.o.B..

The rest of the weekend was filled with cafe performances by Neon Trees, The Constellations, Chiddy Bang, Andrew Belle, Neon Hitch, and Erin Martin.

My favorite non-festival performances were Minus the Bear, Mumford and Sons, and The Temper Trap.


A really cool dude I met over the weekend managed to get me into VIP for Minus the Bear's show at Double Door in Wicker Park. The venue was SUPER hot inside, but the crowd was really ramped up for the show, so no one seemed to mind.


Probably my favorite memory of Lollapalooza was sneaking backstage to watch Mumford and Sons and The Temper Trap for their sets at Belve Nights at the Hard Rock hotel. Mumford and Sons are basically my favorite band right now. I was really disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to see them back in June because we were going to be on the road to Tennessee, so this definitely made up for not being able to see them at a club show.


The Temper Trap kicked ass as well, I've seen them once before and both shows were great.

8-24-2010: A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching Chromeo and Questlove of The Roots in the same night.


My night started at Stubb's here in Austin where Chromeo made a tour stop with Holy Ghost and Telephoned. Luckily, I got to the venue RIGHT before Chromeo took the stage. These guys have GREAT energy. The electrofunk duo fed off of the crowd's energy and played favorites such as "Needy Girl", "Night By Night", "Bonafied Lovin'", and "Don't Turn The Lights On". Stubb's is not my favorite summer venue in Austin, mostly because the big name shows hosted there are always outside when it its simply too hot to enjoy the show. Come October though...


After catching the end of Chromeo's set, I boogied on over to Red 7 to get a good spot for Questlove's DJ set. The man didn't stop spinning FOR 3 HOURS. He played a lot of old school favorites (think "Pass The Dutchie") and mixed a couple newer tracks (a few Jay-Z snippets here and there). After 2 hours at Chromeo and 2.5 hours at Questlove I had to take my tired, sweaty ass home. Two days later I STILL hadn't regained hearing in my left ear.

Next on my schedule is Autolux at Emo's on the 9th...see you there!

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