Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autumnal Sounds

It's finally feeling like fall here in Austin: the tree in the front keeps throwing up leaves all over the yard right after we rake them, I have to use more than one blanket at night, and it gets darker earlier in the day! Going to shows during the fall is always more fun for me. It just feels more...invigorating. Even though its cold outside, everyone is all bundled up to come out and watch a few tunes with a cold brew in hand.

Minus The Bear -Stubb's 10-27-2010

While I was waiting outside to get the little beauty posted below (all access? whuttt?) I heard the opener for MTB, Tim Kasher & The Globes covering one of Cursive's songs. Fortunately, I got my pass quickly and headed inside to hear the rest of the song, followed by another Cursive cover. The covers were REALLY good. Almost spooky good. And then I finally got to the VIP area where I got to get a look at him on stage. And then my brain turned on and I realized that he WAS the guy from Cursive. (Fail on my part, I know). Cursive's The Ugly Organ was my shiiiiiiiit in high school. I liked his set so I bought his solo album, The Game Of Monogamy, when I got home.

Minus The Bear's set was really good too. The crowd was sparse at the beginning of Tim Kasher's set, but as the night wore on, the ground below filled with folks ready to catch Minus The Bear. The last time I saw them (their aftershow at Lollapalooza) I got there late and had to leave early because it was so hot. My fave this time was "My Time". I also noticed that there were a lot more people dancing rather than just moving along to the music. I guess Austin is a dancey city. I'm okay with that.

p.s. Their Drummer is a BEAST.

Stars -La Zona Rosa 11/18/2010 ($4.50 for a Lone Star should be a crime.)

If you were at La Zona Rosa this past Thursday for Stars, I was the tall redhead being an asshole dancing myself towards the front and blocking your view. (Sorry short people, tall folks like to be in the front too.) I'm glad that my friend wanted to get there a little early because the opening band, Geographer, was really good. I even downloaded their album during their set because it surprised me so much.

This lady is 6 months pregnant still lookin cute. And you better believe her ass was up there dancing along like everyone else.

"I'm six months pregnant, and everytime I come to Austin, I get so drunk. And I can't do that this time, so everyone out there, have a drink for me!"


Pictures from an actual camera! (above & below)

Did I mention that Amy did a solo acoustic performance of "Ageless Beauty"?! I die.

"Wasted Daylight"

One of my favorite shots from that night:

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